Reviews of Purge from the UK

Purge, by Sofi Oksanen (translated by Lola Rogers) has just been released in the United Kingdom, and has received thoughtful reviews in The Economist and the Times of London (by subscription only):

This is not a book to read last thing at night. It reminds us of things that we would rather forget, that happened while the world looked away. It is the story of millions of people forced to make impossible choices, who had their lives and happiness stolen, and then survived only to find new bullies and cheats taking the place of the old ones. – Economist

Purge is a flawed, brilliant piece of work that does not easily relinquish its grip on the reader’s imagination. – Times of London

UPDATE: There’s an interesting interview with Sofi Oksanen just posted on BBC’s The Strand. The interview is the last segment.

The media attention in the UK has certainly increased interest in the book. It’s moved onto the Amazon UK top 100 in a matter of days.
More about Purge

~ by lolarusa on July 6, 2010.

One Response to “Reviews of Purge from the UK”

  1. Great review. I’ll be checking in the next few weeks religiously to see photos.

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