David Byrne: The Great Curve

I went last night to see the new David Byrne concert film, Ride Rise, Roar, which left me pondering this question: Is The Great Curve the greatest Talking Heads song in the world, and thus, by extension, the greatest song in the world?

Watch the video below and then decide. (This isn’t video from the film – it’s an amateur video, courtesy of documentispartani. The sound and image quality in the film was much better than this – fantastic, in fact – but at least this concert-goer didn’t move the camera around constantly and edit out the most interesting aspects of both the dancing and the playing, like the movie did half the time. The movie is worth seeing, though. Emphatically so.)

Please base your decision on a childish whim, or momentary impulse.

~ by lolarusa on May 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “David Byrne: The Great Curve”

  1. Ok that’s it, I’m not letting a David Byrne concert go by without going myself. What a crime that I haven’t made it to one yet. And yes, this is the best song ever. Dance dance dance. This is how I remember the 80’s.

  2. She gonna open our eyes up. I wish I could do that move in a circle hip twirl thing. I bet Mara could’ve, can you?

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