The View from Nike Hill

Eastern Washington is unusually green this spring. Coming home from Spokane this weekend we stopped in Medical Lake and drove to the highest spot for miles around,  called Booth Hill or Nike Hill. It’s the site of a former Nike missile control station – now an air traffic control relay station that’s surrounded by the most picturesque junk yard I’ve ever seen.

Then we drove back down through the Palouse hills and westward home.

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~ by lolarusa on May 25, 2010.

6 Responses to “The View from Nike Hill”

  1. last three are art.

  2. That’s the Palouse for you. It has an other-worldly quality. I never go through the Palouse in the green season without thinking of the old Microsoft screen saver. Which is a shame, since the Palouse is a beautiful thing, and Microsoft isn’t.

  3. Not to mention the fluffy cloud thing. Makes me think of the Bloomsbury cartoon where they lie on the hill and stare at the sky.

  4. I like. Let’s picnic there with lotsa sandwiches and fizzy lifting drinks.

  5. Lie on our backs among the junk with our fizzy lifting drinks and look for Ireland in the clouds.

  6. Cream soda on a hot day makes me feel nostalgic.

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