José Clemente Orozco’s Social Realist Paintings

A sampling of Mexican social realist José Clemente Orozco‘s powerful paintings and murals.

Click and zoom for a closer look.

Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, and

[Correction: the painting Los Semeadores, posted earlier, was mistakenly identified as a work by Orozco. It is by Diego Rivera, and is in the colleciton of the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo.]

~ by lolarusa on May 5, 2010.

6 Responses to “José Clemente Orozco’s Social Realist Paintings”

  1. very good, but are they socialist realist? I always think of those sterile soviet propaganda pictures when I hear that phrase, these seem much more impressionistic.

  2. Yes, some of his work is much more expressionistic than Soviet social realism, but it does have the basic features of the movement: heroic workers portrayed in an abstract but recognizable way to express a political message.

  3. cool pictures. im using one for my spanish project. thanks for making hem. cant they have individual names though?

  4. Hello Imani,

    If you hold your mouse (or cursor) over each picture, the name of the painting will appear.

  5. los semeadores son de orozco o de rivera? pq se dice los dos en google….

  6. Gracias Sarah, por la corrección. La pintura está incorrectamente identificada como una obra de Orozco en algunas paginas web.

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