Adventure in the City

I got a kick out of this recent item in the Police Notes section of the Capitol Hill Times, our fine Seattle neighborhood newspaper.

During a “non-permitted, non-sanctioned rolling protest” against state violence by 75 to 80 “concerned citizens and self-proclaimed anarchists” on April 9… a mounted officer was hit in the head with a paint-filled light bulb… an officer responding to the report of the officer being hit with the paint-filled light bulb saw five masked, black-clad protesters run through a parking lot and drop dark-colored bags. The officer… saw two suspects run inside a business… He then looked into one of the bags and found several of the light bulbs. The two suspects soon exited the business dressed in casual clothes but with their black clothing in their hands. They quickly discarded the clothes in a nearby trash can…

The two were arrested, but they refused to speak to police. They were detained until their respective parents could arrive from Arlington and Marysville hours later…

The last bit’s the charmingest part.

~ by lolarusa on April 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Adventure in the City”

  1. Marysville? Arlington? Oh, this is priceless! Thanks for posting!

  2. “Mum’ll kill me if I lose my ballet-jazz uniform.”

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