Walter Crane’s Illustrations for Grimm’s Fairy Tales

These illustrations are from Lucy Crane’s 1886 English translation of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, illustrated by her brother, Walter Crane.

More pictures below.

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~ by lolarusa on January 25, 2010.

5 Responses to “Walter Crane’s Illustrations for Grimm’s Fairy Tales”

  1. These are the fairy tales read to me by my german grandmother, from the old “black-letter” book she brought to her new life in Canada. No illustrations in that book; these are wonderful.

  2. Do like the illustrations!

  3. The White Snake is an interesting story, because normally snakes are the bad guys. But in this instance, “The virtue of the snake gave him power to understand the speech of animals.”

  4. I just found this book while cleaning out my father’s things. The inscription says 1890 but I think it was published in 1886. The pages are very yellowed.

  5. I own a copy of this book. It was dated by the owner with her name and the date August 26, 1898

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