Bunraku Puppet Demonstration

A demonstration of the amazingly lifelike Bunraku style of puppetry, from NHK, Japanese English-language television.

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~ by lolarusa on January 19, 2010.

4 Responses to “Bunraku Puppet Demonstration”

  1. Wow! So the legendary Japanese teamwork applies to more than just the business office.

  2. Hei Lola,
    what a fascinating Bunraku clip! As it happens, I just wrote, in a review of an 18th-century Japanese play at the National Theatre here in Helsinki (in Finnish!), how I’ve never really recovered from those weeks spent in Osaka in 1990 watching the Bunraku…(travel grant, purpose = to learn about Bunraku!) It is unforgettable. I also went backstage and was shown around the National Bunraku Theatre building.
    This is how it goes: first you see how three men move a puppet around, then you see the puppet moving the three men around, and finally you don’t see any humans there, just the live puppet. I want to go to Osaka again before I die!

  3. Soila!

    I didn’t know you had studied Bunraku. We have (or had, I don’t know if they’re still around) a puppet group in Seattle that used a similar style. Their shows were mesmerizing.

  4. “Adult” puppetry can be mesmerising – the Bunraku shows are often cruel vendetta stories where heads are whacked off and treacherous villains stabbed to death. In Osaka they do have special plays for kids though where lion cubs dance, chasing butterflies. I was really impressed by my stay in Japan in many ways — and on the way back home, I stayed a few days in LA, where I did suffer from various cultural shocks, one of them at the Universal Studios, watching Miami Vice “being filmed” etc; somehow a far cry from the Eastern stage miracles….

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