Speaking of Movies

I was looking at yesterday’s post, and I noticed that of the eleven films I saw in the cinema last year, only three had a female main character: Coraline, Romola, and Tia’s shared lead in Escape to Witch Mountain.

I wonder if I see more women characters in the videos I rent than the films I see in the cinema. I should try to keep track of our video rentals and compare.

Here’s my theory: I tend to see a movie in the cinema when I expect it to be a visual spectacle, something that will be much more fun on the big screen. Movies I leave for DVD rental tend to be more ordinary, about everyday life. And films about women tend to be about ordinary life. Rare is the girl in the movies who, like Coraline or Tia, pursues adventure in an exciting larger or imaginary world.

So my guess is that I tend to see more girls on the small screen than the big screen. Dreary thought, isn’t it?

~ by lolarusa on January 6, 2010.

One Response to “Speaking of Movies”

  1. Now I’m trying to think up exceptions to that.

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