Who To Trust, George Bailey or Mr. Potter?

Although this video and the connected web site don’t mention them, I encourage you to consider moving your money to a credit union. I have been a satisfied credit union member for more than ten years.

Look up credit unions near where you live here.

~ by lolarusa on December 31, 2009.

3 Responses to “Who To Trust, George Bailey or Mr. Potter?”

  1. Very effective video, and I will move my money in the New Year. (On an “arts” note, it’s always a little painful to see Lionel Barrymore playing such an evil role; he was a sweetie!)

  2. I’ve always liked the way Barrymore was believably nasty in this movie, yet at the same time you have a sense that he’s actually a good egg underneath.

  3. Well you can attribute a lot of his meanness to his business philosophy, but one thing he does is unforgivable. When he finds that Uncle Billy has accidentally put the deposit in the newspaper he should have stepped forward and given the money back. Instead he uses that as a way to ruin George Bailey. Ruin not just his business, but to have him put in jail. Evil.

    I always am amused by that scene though where Uncle Billy makes that mistake. Boy, those members of the Board of Directors of the Savings and Loan sure were right when they told George they’d only keep it open if George would run it. I wouldn’t want Uncle Billy running a Savings and Loan either.

    But on to the point of your post. I really like how you recommend credit unions. A lot of the national press (Huffingtonpost for example) is recommending “community” banks. But I don’t really know what quantifies a “community” bank, yet I do know that some banks that could be called community banks are in financial trouble in Washington. Quite a few are on that list because of failed real estate developer Mastro. So yes, a credit union is far safer.

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