Christmas Goose

My name is Rick, and I made this post.

My goose’s name was Fatty, it came from Cincinnati

without buttons, without bows, without feathers, without toes,

and this is how my story goes:

R-O-A-S-T roast you! T-O-A-S-T toast you!

Also, may I boast you were juicy, plump and stout!

We served you with potatoes, we served you with a pie,

we served you with those little sprouts from Brussels, none deny.

I loved you with potatoes, I loved you with the pie,

I tried the sprout, I spit it out, but goose, you flew so high!

~ by Rick on December 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “Christmas Goose”

  1. Yum? Looks gorgeous.

  2. Hmmmm …… my mouths watering now Rick.
    I actually keep geese in East Anglia in the uk.
    Our geese are all free range traditionally reared birds
    At Christmas time the locals flock to get festive bird it’s hectic but satisfying to see all those happy customers.
    See what we do here

  3. sorry link doesn’t work above oh dera here it is again

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