Seattle’s Best Miso Soup (That I Know Of)


Hana on Broadway (in Seattle) has pretty good sushi. Nothing fancy – no stripey sculptured rolls that look like snakes, no tasteful drizzle of high-priced mystery sauce – just simple, fresh sushi at a good price. The atmosphere is nothing special. Somewhat run-down. Cafeteria-like, only smaller.

But Hana has the best miso soup I’ve ever tasted. I haven’t tasted a lot of miso soup. I’ve had it in maybe a dozen different restaurants at most, and I’ve made my own miso soup at home (don’t ask). But Hana’s is definitely the best miso soup I’ve ever eaten.

Now somebody’s probably going to leave a comment revealing that Hana uses some cheap miso soup mix or some simple recipe anyone can make. At least I hope someone does.

~ by lolarusa on November 3, 2009.

One Response to “Seattle’s Best Miso Soup (That I Know Of)”

  1. I agree, Hana makes the best miso soup in Seattle. Besides the flavor, the soup roils in the bowl when it’s presented. The soup base is clear, and the miso keeps bursting forth from the bottom with a life of its own. Delicious and pleasing to the eye.

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