Pink Elephant Car Wash

Space Needle

Posted by Rick.

I grew up in the Air Force, and we moved around alot. But when I was five we lived in Everett, Washington, and we occasionally went to Seattle. All I asked of my parents was this: I want to go up in the Space Needle, and I want to go through the Pink Elephant Car Wash. This was before I-5 was built, and the road into town went right between the two. I remember being in the back seat, getting very excited seeing these places, and probably saying things like, “There’s the Space Needle!” and, “There’s the Pink Elephant Car Wash!”

What I couldn’t understand was how my parents weren’t interested. I begged for it, but they always had a reason why not, or else just said no. It seemed to me that this was where it was at, this was where the fun was to be had. You can’t tell me you don’t want to go up there. How can you look at that car wash and not want to go through? There’s probably a party going on right this minute. Why couldn’t they see this? It wasn’t until years later when my father retired, and we settled in Spokane, Washington, that I finally went up the Space Needle as a tourist. There’s a rotating restaurant at the top.

Now I live in Seattle, and I have my own car, and I’ve been to the Pink Elephant Car Wash. You give them your car, and they drive it into a darkened room where you can’t see what’s going on. When it comes out, it’s clean. Even the floors have been vacuumed. It’s a little mysterious.

Pink Elephant Car Wash

~ by Rick on October 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pink Elephant Car Wash”

  1. Elvis washed up there…according to my RIDE THE DUCKS tour!

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