Pieter Bruegel’s Children’s Games

This is one of my favorite paintings, Pieter Bruegel‘s Children’s Games. Click and zoom for a closer look.

See the little girls twirling their skirts in the left background?


Do you see any games here that you’ve played?

It seems the mere sight of this painting causes me to sound like Mr. Rogers.

But that’s OK.

More art of the Northern Renaissance.

~ by lolarusa on September 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pieter Bruegel’s Children’s Games”

  1. There’s one game in there that looks painful, if I’m seeing it right. Children are running a gauntlet of kickers. You run down the middle of a bunch of kids on their backs, and everyone kicks at you. Sort of like Ron Ely in Tarzan, but without the spears.

  2. There are also kids playing Crack the Whip up the street, which is, as I recall, a ton of fun, and extremely dangerous. Dislocated shoulder, anyone?

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