Ted Kennedy 1932-2009

Here is a moving excerpt from a speech by Ted Kennedy in April of 2008.

~ by lolarusa on August 26, 2009.

9 Responses to “Ted Kennedy 1932-2009”

  1. Apparently that whole Chappaquidick slur was just that and designed to prevent him ever becoming a president.

  2. So he became the greatest modern member of the senate- FAIL

  3. David and Rachel,

    I can’t tell what your comments mean. Can’t tell whether you’re sincere or sarcastic, Rachel, and can’t tell whether you, David, are responding to Rachel, or to the post itself.

  4. I was commenting on the failed effort to keep him from public service. Sorry for being unclear. I think Rachel must have admired him too. He was very brave and compasionate man.

  5. I guess I was being naive and Rachel’s comment may have been hateful. What she says is true though. He wasn’t assassinated, but how many have tried to assassinate his character forever after? Judge Boyle rationalized the light sentence by stating that Kennedy had a clean record and will continue to be punished even beyond any sentence a court could impose. How true. He deserved forgiveness and parol years ago.

  6. Not sure I’d assume Rachel’s comment is hateful. She seems like a pleasant sort in her other comments.

    I don’t have an opinion about Chappaquidick myself. It’s certainly a fascinating story, but I tend to focus more on politicians’ activities in office than on their personal lives. I don’t care who dodged the draft or had an affair or whether I would personally like the person in question or any of that – did they do a good job, that’s the question. Kennedy did a good job.

  7. And you do an awesome job on this blog. So cool. I’ve been following it over 2 years. I never know what I’ll find.

  8. My ref to Chappaquidick relates to how if mud is thrown at someone, it tends to stick. And regardless of your personal interest in the mud, that mud has consquences. The mud in this case was, apparently, and from what researchers know today, a frame up. It would have been utterly ridiculous if another Kennedy took a bullet so that was what Chappaquidick was all about. Apparently.

    Now that Teddy has passed, the mainstream media inevitably bring back up Chappaquidick in their obituary reports on Teddy. My comment was just throwing out there that that whole affair was, we now know, actually an effective assassination attempt which, as David points out, in many respects failed since he carried on working as a senator for so long. But did ensure he’d never be president.

  9. Oh good, I had you right the first time Rachel. Where can I learn the details of the frame-up?

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