Vintage Knits: Handsome Men’s Sweaters from the 60s

Here are two handsome men’s sweaters (by which I mean sweaters for handsome men) to knit up for fall (or maybe for Christmas, if you’re as slow as I am) from Columbia Minerva Hand Knits for Men book #763.

Flight sweaters631

And here are the patterns:

Sequoia cardigan 1632 Sequoia cardigan 2633 Champion pullover 1634 Champion pullover 2635 Champion pullover 3636

More knitting patterns

~ by lolarusa on August 24, 2009.

7 Responses to “Vintage Knits: Handsome Men’s Sweaters from the 60s”

  1. No, no sweater-pockets! Nooooo!

  2. The pocket is optional.

  3. That one man’s face. Is it wry? Droll? Sardonic? Also, it seems in the sixties that young men go surfing, mature men go flying.

  4. great!

  5. Handsome enough, but can you knit?

  6. @ Rick,
    I believe that the man just sealed a multi-million business deal and their self assured almost smug expressions reveal this fact. Also they are in the process of deciding whether to hang out with Hef or to take the helicopter to the Sands to catch Sinatra’s show and private after-party. The fancy good life, augmented by the stylish sweaters.

  7. In that case, Sitaji, that man’s face is smug.

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