Another Idol of Millions Falls Prey to Homeland Security

shahrukh_khan_2Nearly two years ago I posted about an incident in which J. Karjalainen, one of Finland’s most popular rock stars, was detained and rudely interrogated by protectors of our glorious Homeland. But what do they care? Karjalainen is just the idol of a couple of million Finns.

As if to prove their arrogant cluelessness, Homeland Security has now done the same thing to Sharukh Khan, one of the most popular film stars in the world. Khan was detained and questioned for more than an hour at the Newark International Airport over the weekend. According to some reports, he was not released until the Indian embassy intervened.

He was apparently held for questioning because he bears a physical resemblance to someone on one of their lists, and bears the common last name Khan. The fact that his face is instantly recognizable to tens of millions of people around the world just added to the irony. As did the fact that he is on tour to promote the film “My Name is Khan”, which is about racial profiling of Muslims.

If you’ve never seen Khan’s performance in the 2001 film Devdas, do check it out. He really tears up the scenery.

~ by lolarusa on August 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Another Idol of Millions Falls Prey to Homeland Security”

  1. Are airports staffed by xenophobic bullies who are unaware of other cultures? Or is it that the airport is staffed by bullies, and Americans are generally unaware of other cultures? The whole thing is very embarrassing.

  2. The way Sharukh Khan described it, America exists in a “parallel universe” where his foreignness is the only important thing about him.

  3. Well that’s pretty ironic (and unpleasant).

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