Food from the Garden

Here’s a riddle:

Q: Why should you never park your car with the windows open in August?

A: You may come back to find it full of zucchini.

It’s high season in the garden now. We’ve been picking greens and herbs for weeks, and now all the vegetables that taste so bland from the supermarket and so complex and delicious from the garden – tomatoes, squash, beans – are ripening up, too.

Glorious summer.


The zucchini is in full swing. Rick planted a round variety called 8-ball this year. Very tasty.

Chard and zukes

It’s great steamed and marinated for salads, lovely in a stir-fry, mouth-watering in tomato sauce. But we still can’t eat all the zukes we get from our single plant.

My very favorite meal in the whole world is potatoes and zucchini from the garden fried together, with sliced garden tomatoes on the side. I’ve died and gone to heaven.

Best breakfast ever.JPG

Those of you who don’t have a garden may think that growing vegetables takes a tremendous amount of time and space, but we grow all our vegetables, herbs and flowers (and weeds) in a space 20 feet long by 10 feet wide (about 3 by 6 meters), and we only spend 1 or 2 hours a week taking care of it.

So if you have any little sunny spot – or, like us,  you can get the city or someone else to let you use one – all this could be yours.

Next year.

~ by lolarusa on August 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “Food from the Garden”

  1. You’re making me hungry!

  2. Am really liking going over to mom’s house and gathering all the free food! The pickled green beans turned out pretty good and we’re making lots of salsa, even though I killed the cilantro.

  3. So lovely…I’m a big fan of food porn and these shots are about as pornographic as it gets. ;) I was very proud this year of my yellow wax bean crop and the tomatoes are out of control! Yay for fresh veggies!

  4. Aren’t the tomatoes great this year? Ambrosia.

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