North Cascades Loop

Our trip was wonderful, delightful,  etc., etc. See for yourself.

Baker Lake

Baker Lake

Shannon Creek Campground

Shannon Creek berries

fishing Baker Lake

The Baker River Trail

Baker River trail

Foamy Baker River

Baker River trail's end

Jagged Ridge

Diablo Lake and it’s mighty islands.

Diablo Lake

Diablo Lake islands

Winthrop, Washington, population 373.

Winthrop WA pop 373

Methow River

Lake Chelan, both from the shore and from the 52 mile/84 km ferry ride to it’s north end.

Lake Chelan orchards

Lake ahead

Shores of Lake Chelan

Shore and passengers

Stehekin landing

Arrived at Stehekin after 4 hours on the water, and stayed 9 miles further up the valley at the Stehekin Valley Ranch.

Stehekin Valley Ranch

Rainbow Falls

Lunch at Rainbow Falls

Then we spent a night in Leavenworth, Washington,


Leavenworth WA

and meandered home along the Old Cascade Highway.

Old Cascade Highway

Martin Creek rocks

We hope to do more things like this. It’s good to get out of the city and enjoy the nature.

~ by Rick on July 27, 2009.

6 Responses to “North Cascades Loop”

  1. Those are some pretty trees. Very beautiful.

  2. I love the photos of the sun coming through the tree and the blueberries photo. Blueberries warmed by the sun… ahhhhh. That coffee cup is picturesque, too! Glad you had a good time. ^.^

  3. Hello:
    I’m with the Cascade Loop Scenic Highway. I love your photos:-) I was wondering if you’d let us use one of your photos in our annual travel guide or on our website? It’s the Baker River Trail photo with the person setting with a backpack looking at the mountains. Just e-mail me if it’s a possibility. Best, Nancy

  4. Gorgeous photos! What was Stehekin like? Sounds like a great trip.

  5. These are great. Looks like the weather was perfect.

  6. It was, in fact, blazing hot for much of the trip, but we used ice cream and waterfalls to cool ourselves.

    Stehekin was fascinating and beautiful. Very isolated, yet hip. No phones, but free wifi (which we didn’t use, but now we know). Can’t get in except by boat or plane, but they have a bakery/ice cream parlor. And it doesn’t feel like a rich person’s place, although much of the area around the lake does.

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