1926 Dress Designs

Here are some smashing dress designs from the June, 1926 issue of Pictorial Review. There’s an address to order the patterns from, but I doubt they’re still available, unfortunately.

Click and zoom for a detailed look.

Dress patterns 1

Dress patterns 2

Dress patterns 3

Dress patterns 4

More ephemera

~ by lolarusa on July 8, 2009.

6 Responses to “1926 Dress Designs”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing – these are an invaluable resource, simply because they are actually quite precisely dated! So many people do not bother with more than 1920s, or can’t even tell.

  2. I agree with Hana! Thanks a lot for sharing this incredible illustrations with us! Do you mind if I quote this page in my uni work? I’m writing a dissertation on costumes and cinema and it would help me tons if I could use the pictures as a proof of what I say :)

  3. Hello Mathilde, By all means, you may quote this page.

  4. Are these 1920 patterns available for purchase? I need regular clothing for children and adults to make costumes for cheaper by the dozen.

  5. Are there 1920 patterns available for purchase? I need middle school and high school costumes for children and adults for cheaper by the dozen.

  6. Hello Verna.

    I googled 1920s sewing patterns and found this promising collection: https://vintagedancer.com/1920s/1920s-patterns/

    There is also a selection on Etsy:

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