Vintage Knits: 70s Summer Top

Here’s a quick knitting project for keeping cool this summer. It’s from the LeeWards Complete Library of Needlecraft, published in 1975. They call it a halter top, but the straps actually cross in the back and connect to the bodice.

Orange summer top

What handsome accessories she has.

Here’s the pattern:

Orange summer top pat 1564  orange-summer-top-pat-2565

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~ by lolarusa on June 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “Vintage Knits: 70s Summer Top”

  1. I don’t understand the Dec 1 st. each side row (it comes after the row where you knit 4, K 2 tog. ) This is for the front of the top. Are you decreasing at each end of the row or only in the center of the middle 10 stitches or both? It is very confusing.

  2. Hi Sandra, I haven’t ever knit up this pattern, but it sounds like the decreases are still at the armhole edge at that point, slipping the 10 middle stitches every other row until there are 10 slipped rows, in other words 20 rows, in all. You don’t start the neck decreases until the row with AND AT THE SAME TIME all in caps. I think.

  3. I tried printing the directions and still cannot read them, which isfrustrating

    Do you have a typed version of the pattern that is readable?

  4. Hi Sandra, I don’t have a typed version, but I’ve posted an image with a higher resolution. Does it print better?

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