The Bounty of the Earth

Spring is in full swing – it’s practically summer, in fact. And that means fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden.

Broccoli is so pretty. Especially purple sprouting broccoli.



I recommend chive blossoms in fried potatoes. Throw them in right before the potatoes are done and cook them just enough to wilt a little. Tastes like shallots.

fried potatoes.JPG

The potatoes must be fresh, raw potatoes – never pre-cooked. That’s important. It takes longer, which is why you can never seem to get actual fresh fried potatoes in a restaurant, but there is no comparison between fresh and leftover.

~ by lolarusa on June 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Bounty of the Earth”

  1. That broccoli really jumps right off the page. WOW!

  2. Ok you made me hungry.

  3. That looks delish! Great looking broccoli, and nice cooking tips. Thanks!

  4. It looks like you accidentally dropped chives into the potatoes. You can probably pick those out with a tiny pair of tongs, available at Sur la Table for under $20.

  5. You’re just looking for an excuse to go to Sur la Table.

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