Jesse Ventura Talks Sense about Torture

I’ve been having a long debate in the comments of a recent post about torture used on detainees in U.S. custody. It’s distressing to encounter intelligent people who defend the right of the authorities to use cruelty and coercion.

This brief clip sums up many key points succinctly. Who knew that Jesse Ventura would be the voice of reason?

More on detainees


~ by lolarusa on May 19, 2009.

6 Responses to “Jesse Ventura Talks Sense about Torture”

  1. It’s been said many a time that liberals tend to have too many voices and that they find it difficult to put out a coherent unified message that’s easily digestable. I suppose it’s because right now (and it doesn’t have to be this way) Democrats are the thinking man’s party. People who think for themselves often come up with a wide variety of insights from a plethora of topics.

    So when I listen to the Republican talking points, as I do in this video by listening to Elizabeth Hasselbach, I am struck with just how completely stupid those talking points are and how easy they are to refute by a thinking man, in this case an independent. So much for the value of unified and easy to digest talking points.

    What they need is more voices and more thinking voices at that. The talking points are getting ridiculous. I mean how can a party that believes in torture put forth an argument that a congress person who was briefed on torture (let’s not give Nancy the benefit of the doubt) is worse than the person who authorized torture? It doesn’t make any sense at all. If you are outraged by that, then you should be outraged about torture.

  2. Cool. An ineffectual political has-been, in a desperate search for attention, gangs up with 3 uneducated fools to shout down the token female Republican who is untrained in debate. This is “dialogue?” Meh.

  3. I think that’s what’s so interesting, an ineffectual political has-been as you say has had no problem de-bunking a Republican talking point. I don’t think Elizabeth Hasselback delivered the Talking Point any differently than any other Republican out there making the same statement — even if she is an uneducated fool.

  4. daranee– Ventura needs attention. He debunked nothing, as he didn’t let Hasselback speak. Jesse and the ignorant hens had a shout-down peckin’ party with the backup peckers in their audience.

    Oh wait. My mistake. I forgot that “The View” is comprised of a discussion panel populated by intelligent and logical commentators. Nevermind. Joy Behar is a genius, too.

  5. Hi Bunk.

    I’d prefer comments that address the issues in question, rather than name-calling. It gives the impression that you don’t have anything substantive to say, and doesn’t add much to the discussion except a bit of spleen.

    I agree with you, however, that I would have preferred if everyone involved in the above video would have let the others complete a sentence. It’s one of the things I hate about television.

  6. lolarua– Yeah, I sometimes get too snarky. I’ll stop before I’m accused of being a troll. Thanks for the chat. =)

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