Shocking Blue: I’m Your Venus

By request, here is the Dutch band Shocking Blue performing their 1970 hit I’m Your Venus.

~ by lolarusa on April 29, 2009.

8 Responses to “Shocking Blue: I’m Your Venus”

  1. Wow, bananarama really were a total rip off weren’t they? I shouldn’t really be surprised though.
    Also – for a Dutch band their singers American accent is perfect.

  2. A good cover performance is something to be proud of.

  3. Mara covered that, member? And she didn’t lip sinc one bit, not to that

  4. Of course I remember, silly.


  5. The Dutch barely have a distinguishable accent when speaking either so I’m not surprised. I like this version. Perhaps because it’s a bit funkier and it doesn’t remind me of a shaving commercial.

  6. I like the acoustic rhythm guitar. Groovy.

  7. Here’s the Shocking Blue lipsynching on Top of the Pops:

    Robbie van Leeuwen’s possible sources of inspiration? A little Pinball Wizard and some Oh Susanna (Mama Cass, the hungry years):

  8. Thanks for the link, Mark. That’s a rather fascinating post. This is the Mark Owen I know, right?

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