Two Stories from Uncle Arthur

Last July, I posted some illustrations from Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories, a collection of moralistic tales for children originally published in 1964. By request, here are two complete stories from the book: Wilfed’s Secret, and Tom’s Thoughtlessness.


Illustrations are by Vernon Nye, Harry Baerg, and Fred Collins (plus an unidentified illustrator who created incidental drawings), text by Arthur S. Maxwell.

Click for a closer look.

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~ by lolarusa on April 24, 2009.

13 Responses to “Two Stories from Uncle Arthur”

  1. I never throw banana skins about. That wouldn’t be safe.

  2. Yes, let’s be safe, shall we?

  3. We just had an earthquake – strong enough – but I hope without dead and wounded people. See you, Dan

  4. Thanks for your interest, I’m o.k.; in fact, it wasn’t a big deal, but – like always – the tv made a big show; as I live in the north of the country and the center of the earthquakes is in the south, I believed for a moment that it was a new Kobe. It was only 5.4 degrees on Richter, for – they say – 3 minutes. For a while all tv posts spoke of dead people, ruined buildings and so on. In fact – only the Earth released some of it’s strain, that’s all.
    I’ll try to call you more frequent – you always inspired me.
    Best regards,

  5. I wonder who came in and cleaned up all those dirty dishes? Oh, that must have been me.

  6. Hi =D I am from Malaysia. I grew up with one story book written by uncle Arthur. And although the book is missing now, I never forgot how special the stories were. I used to admire and pine for Enid Blyton’s fairytale books…they contained some morals but it never quite touched my heart like uncle Arthur’s. Thank you very much for posting these two stories. After a long time, my thirst has found a spring of life. Is it possible for you to post another two stories?

  7. I found your blog via another blog’s link and am very glad I did. It was cool to see the “Uncle Arthur” stories as my aunt used to buy the books as they came out for my brothers and me when we were kids. I KNOW I still have them *somewhere*, and now I want to go find them. :)

  8. I loved uncle Arthur’s stories as well,when a kid. I had one book passed down to me by my mom.But sadly I lost it many years.

  9. I grew up with one of volume, and actually thought that was all there was until tonight. I want to use these stories to help in my English lessons. I think we connect best with stories. As I read these I go a feeling of warmth and familiarity, as though seeing an old friend I haven’t met for awhile…despite the fact that I have never read these stories.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. I love these books! My parents bought these books for our family years ago. They may be over 40 years old by now. I have the books and read them to my little ones.

  11. More stories please 😊😊😊

  12. I loved Uncle Arthur Bedtime stories as a child and as an adult. I am looking for the story of “Miss I know that” if anyone remembers or has that story.

  13. I loved this book while growing up. I remember my dad had the full collection though he never actually read them to us. We read them ourselves. Good memories 🙂

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