The 5th Dimension: One Less Bell to Answer

Marilyn McCoo with The 5th Dimension, performing the great David and Bacharach song One Less Bell to Answer in 1970.

It’s hard to take them seriously in those ridiculous costumes, but I think McCoo is a marvelous singer. Like a lot of 70s pop, this song seems to be conflicted about women’s liberation. The basic message of the song seems to be: Sure, you’re sick of waiting on your man, but it’s better than having no man at all.

~ by lolarusa on March 19, 2009.

11 Responses to “The 5th Dimension: One Less Bell to Answer”

  1. I’m not sure which is more painful to my senses, the song or the outfit of the dude with the bandanna.

  2. So that’s what Marilyn McCoo is famous for. I only know her from Solid Gold.

  3. You know what’s funny about this video. It’s that their performance is so at odds with the clothes they are wearing. They are quite relaxed and sultry. Not at all like those loud clothes.

  4. Yeah, the clothes are the epitome of 70s excess. The song, however is a terrific pop song which she sings beautifully in her powerful alto. That’s why I posted it.

  5. Sorry Lola, didn’t realize this was a for-real post!

  6. No need to apologize. That’s what comments are for.

  7. Great voice, great melody. Distracting orchestration, puzzling costumes. Sad song about yet another woman having to suffer through a relationship with a worthless guy… What a combo!

  8. so strange to put faces to this song. when i first saw the post i was thinking “did dionne warwick do this song?” but when i heard it it was this version i’m familiar with(and i was probably thinking of her song “checkout time” which is penned by the same people as this of course).

  9. I liked the song a lot, but I’m not digging her wig.

    I saw Marilyn McCoo on Broadway in Show Boat in the 90s. She looked and sounded good.

  10. One of the all time classic Pop songs sung by the superb Marilyn McCoo.

  11. And the orchestration and back ups compliment the song beautifully.

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