Crooks and Liars has launched a fun and educational new blog – Newstalgia. It’s a lot like Crooks and Liars –  a blog about politics with lots of audio and video and an occasional music video thrown in – only all the posts are about something that happened in the past. Very cool.

Today’s post is about opposition to Roosevelt during his campaign for a second term, and includes audio from a Roosevelt speech during the campaign that has remarkable parallels to the present.

It’s not surprising that those who oppose the Obama administration’s program of spending should justify their opposition with claims that similar policies under FDR made the economy worse. The drop in unemployment under FDR, and the fact that he was re-elected three times, would seem to cast some doubt on these claims. But those who claim that Obama’s economic plans would hurt the economy may be quite sincere, and may simply believe that the economy is measured by the GDP or the value of the stock market, rather than the quality of life of ordinary citizens.

~ by lolarusa on March 2, 2009.

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