Beer is Good for You

I’ve posted before about the fascinating digital collections at the University of Washington Libraries. Tooling through the early advertising archive today I came across these old Rainier beer ads from turn of the century Seattle and surrounding areas. They seem to be trying to expand their customer base by marketing Rainier as a healthful tonic for women, children, and old people. Gesundheit, Grandpa!





More advertising

~ by lolarusa on February 16, 2009.

6 Responses to “Beer is Good for You”

  1. I just finished watching a documentary called “What the Mesopotamians Did For Us”. In it they detail how beer was first brewed in the Fertile Crescent and that it was healthier than the drinking water at the time because its acid level made it antiseptic. They even used it to cleanse wounds.

  2. I second to your title! :-)

  3. I suppose anything in moderation is not a bad thing — even for children.

  4. The old guy in the first one is winking at the little girl as he gives her beer, its kind of disturbing.
    But not as disturbing as the second one, I’m not sure whether they are saying beer is good for babies, nursing mothers or both, but whichever way its very wrong.

  5. They’re calling it healthful, but by the looks of those buxom beauties, they’re still selling sex. Either way, beer can’t be any worse for children than the original formula of Cocain Cola, can it?

  6. I agree that beer is bound to be healthier than cocaine cola. Or heroin teething salve.

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