Christy & Jonas: Look Kuey Mah Laew

This is why I love BoingBoing. They introduced me to awesome Thai pop singers Jonas & Christy.

Here are a couple of interesting excerpts from their web page:

Jonas and ChristyJonas and Christy have a deep respect for their Majesties the King and Queen of Thailand. Their Majesties’ self-sacrifice and commitment to the Thai Nation has always been an inspiration, leaving a deep impression on the hearts of both Jonas and Christy since their childhood. Jonas and Christy are determined to be loyal subjects to their Majesties through doing their best to follow their Majesties’ good example in reaching out to others and upholding the values and principles of Thai culture…

The farang’s (foreigners) who love Thailand with a heart for lookthung”. That is the title that has been affixed to this unique pair of blonde-haired and fair-skinned Europeans who not only sing fluently in Thai but have embraced as their own the complex and intricate style of singing known as lookthung. Even though this traditional and uniquely Thai genre of music whose name literally means “child of the fields” has its origins in the rural areas of Thailand, yet similar to American “country and western” music, it is hugely popular all over the country and is beloved by a wide cross section of fans of all ages and from all levels of society.

Jonas and Christy have devoted themselves to singing lookthung in order to offer their support in highlighting the beauties of Thai culture. They deeply appreciate the customs and way of life of this country that they have chosen as their home and feel privileged to learn about its rich culture and fascinating arts.

Video courtesy of north925, where there are a lot of great Thai music videos.

~ by lolarusa on February 3, 2009.

One Response to “Christy & Jonas: Look Kuey Mah Laew”

  1. Wow,great songmgreat act loved the video,all the best for the future

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