Whose Economic Advice Should We Trust?

For many years Republican ideology has dominated U.S. news and opinion programming. Stuck in the minority in Congress and out of power in the Executive, Democrats struggled to get a word in edgewise on television shows dominated by conservative guests and purportedly objective moderators echoing conservative talking points. Republican assumptions went unquestioned, administration lies went unchallenged.

In spite of the overwhelming dominance of Republicans on television, however, American voters recently threw them out of office in a big way. Their policies weren’t working – especially their economic policies, which have clearly been disastrous. So, now that Republican ideas have proven inadequate and Democratic ideas have been chosen by a sizable majority of the populace, you might expect that the press would start to pay more attention to what those Democratic ideas are. No such luck.

Here’s a breakdown of the party affiliations of members of Congress who were guests on U.S. television news and opinion programs this past weekend.


I caught a couple of these Republican appearances online. They were discussing why they refused to vote for the economic stimulus package that’s going through Congress right now. They were talking about how the real solution to our economic problems was to cut taxes. Have we ever tried that before? They also said that they couldn’t in good conscience vote for spending on roads, schools, clean energy, etc, because – get this – it would increase the deficit. Because, you know,  Republican principles prevent them from doing anything, no matter how “well intentioned”, that would increase the deficit.

Thank goodness they’re here to advise us on how to wisely manage the economy.

Graph courtesy of Think Progress.

~ by lolarusa on January 29, 2009.

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