Don’t Mess With Finland

Lest you think that Finland is a cute, harmless little country.

Finland Be Afraid

I’ve seen this graphic around for a while, and thought I’d finally post it.

More about the Winter War here.

~ by lolarusa on January 27, 2009.

27 Responses to “Don’t Mess With Finland”

  1. That’s a pretty interesting story, thanks! (

  2. Now THOSE are impressive stats! Looks like cross-country skiing is as healthy as it’s reputed to be?

  3. I knew much enough about finnish architects, I even knew about their warriors and the thwacking they dealt to Russians, but I knew nothing about their poetry; however a taciturn Finnish (which I think visited you – determined me to search some of their literature; and I’m glad I did; and I will carry on, they are … how to say, incredible.

  4. ………. WOW. Now I like Finland WAY more than before.

  5. Я люблю моя наследия. Я люблю вас.

  6. While it is true that because we have always been a very nature loving and outgoing culture even in the winter, Finnish winter combat stamina and tactics were and perhaps still are the most advanced, the single greatest contributor to the failure of Soviet troops in Winter War was the poor morale and rationing problems in soviet lines.

    It is even known to have happened that the soviets took holidays and sometimes even, secretly from their superiors, spent some free time with the Finnish troops and drank together with them.
    Some of the Soviets that the Finns took “prisoner” were more like defectors in reality.

  7. Yes, Alarik, with such a high number of prisoners, some of them must have been willing.

  8. Very impressive – talk about tackling the giant. I am proud to have Finnish roots as all four of my grandparents immigrated to the United States when they were young adults. My husbands grandparents all immigrated to the United States as well with one great-grandfather coming here as early as the 1860’s. Our children are Finns of the 3rd generation in America, but that now has ended with them marrying outside of their ethnic group. This is a good thing, we like that celtic blood as well as Noregian to keep the northmen true!

  9. No Casualties and losses
    25,904 Finland dead -126,875 Russian dead

  10. It’s not the the size of the dog in the fight that matters, it’s the fight in the dog!


  12. Kiitos innostuneesta kommentistasi, Suomi (jos se edes on nimesi).

  13. Ya, thanks to German officials leading Finnish troops?


  15. @Johnse, wherefrom did you get the idea that German officers would have been leading the Finnish troops? There were no German troops in Finland during the Winter War -39-40. some Swedish and other volunteers came to aid but no state interferd in this stage.

  16. Happy BD Finland!

  17. Have you ever wondered why “vikings” kills, robers and destroys all European, but noi in Finnland or finns. Because they can not.
    There are stories about fightings in West Finns coasts, where all vikings kills and take slaves to Hame and Rapola (in middle Finnland).

    The King of Rapola don´t pay taxies to pope of Rome. thera are letters about it, but Churches army can not do anyhing.

    This all happends before y 1000 .

  18. It’ is a fake, casualties on soviet side are been enormusly esaggerated.

  19. Gianni, thats bullsh*t

  20. Yes, impressive stats indeed, too bad wikipedia forgot to tell, that during the winter war the Finns were united in prayer. We prayed that God (of the Bible) would save us and protect us, and that indeed He did!

    How many times were the Israelites outnumbered in the Old Testament and God saved them when they cried out to Him. The same miracle happened here as well. This is what we Finns call “Talvisodan ihme” this is “The miracle of winter war”, because miracle it is, not due to the Finns as a people, but due to the God they called out to :)

  21. I was in the Winter War. I am 37 years old now

  22. The one and only nation that has faught against Russia and lost during the beginning of the century, and is still an independent counry. The Baltic countries were not that lucky.

  23. The Finnish snow-how that was in the (BBC) news a couple of years ago proved its power and effiency already in the second World War.

  24. Thanks, Finns, for your comments in celebration of Finnish Independence Day. As you point out, Gianni, the casuality statistics in the graphic I posted were contradicted by the well-sourced wikipedia article you linked to. I have replaced the graphic with a more accurate one.

  25. Soviet Union attacked. They started the war. They are the war criminals. And they still occupy 12% of Finland, after an ethnic cleansing of Finland’s legitimate territory. That is a crime against humanity. Mind you.

  26. Russian citizens are our best friends and closest neighbors. Their leaders are our worst enemies. Russian leaders are also very dangerous for their own people. There must be something seriously wrong in Kreml?

    Российские граждане наши лучшие друзья и ближайшие соседи. Их лидеры наши злейшие враги. Российские лидеры также очень опасно для собственного народа. Там должно быть что-то серьезно не в порядке в Кремле?

  27. Its important to know, that fenno-ugriche peoples founded, lives and comes from Russian lands (from carelian to Ural) from Ice Age. Russian Empire was founded ab y 900-1000. Novgorod and Kiovan Rus was before that totelly ugrishe areas. Later slavonics and mongols attacts aganst Novgorods ugrishe five country areas. Russian kings was etinicak way ugrish peaole untill y 1600.

    So now a days, still our days, most of real russian peoples are etnical way ugriche peoples. Only belarushies and ukrains peoles are etnische slavonics (together with polish etc). And remarkeble thing is, that ungariche peples are ugrishe with finnish, baltics and real russian peoples.

    So, European areas of Russian belongs to ugriche peoples. Southerrn and east areas belongs to slavonics and mongols.

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