Farewell to Bush Potluck Menu

My delightful niece Naomi threw an “End of an Error” potluck to say good riddance to Still President Bush this weekend. Among the dishes contributed:

Chicken Hawk Divine

“Fool Me Once” Stuffed Mushroom Surprise


a tasty finger-food that Rick calls “wankers”

“Surge” Surprise, a delicious Iraqi dish


Kool Aid,

and for dessert, Yellow Cake with “History Will Judge” fudge filling and “White Evangelical” buttercream frosting

~ by lolarusa on January 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Farewell to Bush Potluck Menu”

  1. Hell, man, I was there! Besides the liberal treats you see here we also had a shoe-throwing contest, a name that Republican contest, and a Bush-recitation contest. Very satisfying. So glad to see him go. Thank you. Thank you, thank you.

  2. Hells, yeah! It was awesome! I highly recommend getting yourself a bozo bop, taping a picture of Bush to it and throwing your shoes right at the face! It was exactly what the doctor ordered! Thanks for the Wankers, Rick….I’m still nibblin’ on those delightful meaty treats!

  3. This showed up on Macleans. Thought I’d share it with you


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