Jon Swift: Why George Bush is One of History’s Greatest Presidents

Jon Swift breaks down all the reasons why future historians will consider George Bush one of America’s greatest presidents:

In the three and a half years since Hurricane Katrina not a single American city has been destroyed or partially destroyed. There are more than 10,000 cities in the United States and because of George Bush every single one of them, except for New Orleans, is still largely intact….

…because of easy credit during the Bush years, more people had the opportunity to buy the homes of their dreams and live in them for a few years before they had to give them back…

…not many presidents can claim that they did not lose two wars. President Bush is leaving office with wars in Iraq and Afghanistan still going strong and not lost…

…In the wake of 9/11 some presidents might have been tempted to ignore the Geneva Conventions completely and do whatever was necessary to protect us, but President Bush knew that we couldn’t totally abandon our ideals in the War on Terror and so he followed the Geneva Conventions to the letter, applying its rules to every soldier who was not an enemy combatant outside the treaty’s jurisdiction…

…no one can take away from President Bush the credit he is due for keeping America completely safe from terrorist attacks for seven years, eight if you don’t count 9/11, which wasn’t really his fault. Based on that accomplishment alone, can anyone doubt that George W. Bush was one of our greatest presidents?

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~ by lolarusa on January 11, 2009.

One Response to “Jon Swift: Why George Bush is One of History’s Greatest Presidents”

  1. Certainly can’t argue with any of that logic. Thanks for the reminders about all the the Bush regime has accomplished. My own town is largely intact and I really should send a Thank You note!

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