Top Ten Shoe-Throwing Games


When Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi threw his shoes at Still President George Bush at a press conference in Iraq last month (see previous post), people all over the world got a vicarious thrill, and wished they could try throwing shoes at George. Sadly, most of us will never have that opportunity, but at least we can pretend, with the help of Peter Pachal’s list of the top ten shoe-throwing games that have sprung up on the internet since the incident.

I dutifully tried all ten games, and I agree with Peter that Sock and Awe is the cleverest and most satisfying game on the list. The way Bush pops up from behind his podium is funny, and I like the fact that it’s sponsored by Naturalizer. But I also liked the Norwegian offering, Kast en sko på Bush (don’t you just love how easy Norwegian is?), mostly for its name, but also for its mathematical precision.

Check them out.

~ by lolarusa on January 9, 2009.

One Response to “Top Ten Shoe-Throwing Games”

  1. Ah, the memories…..the only thing more fun than playing these games on-line is playing it in real life. It is AMAZING how satisfying it was to throw shoes at his picture……I can only imagine what it must feel like in real life.

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