What Will Happen to Princess Sparkle Pony?

Cheney and Bush and all their pals will soon leave the White House to the grown-ups. We all agree that this is a good thing. But whatever will happen to Princess Sparkle Pony, that snark emporium devoted almost entirely to ruthless satirical examiniation of Condoleeza Rice, so heavy with snide that it tips the snide meter like a 300-pound man on a 200-pound scale, breaks through the snide barrier and registers as “utterly sincere”?

Princess Sparkle Pony has provided years of insightful cultural analysis of the matching chairs phenomenon, and the marvelous court entertainments made possible by war, and she is, of course, the creator of the Condoleeza Hairdo Alert System.

But let us not forget her contribution to arts criticism – it was Princess Sparkle Pony who brought both the avante-garde shoe art movement and the Corporate-American Republican velvet painting to the attention of America.


What will become of her?

~ by lolarusa on January 3, 2009.

One Response to “What Will Happen to Princess Sparkle Pony?”

  1. On Velvet! That is too funny.

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