Walk a Mile in His Shoes

al-zaidi-the-shoe-throwerWhen journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi threw his shoes at George Bush during a news conference in Iraq the other day, it was entertaining video, so it was shown many times on U.S. television. Watching this act of chutzpah, many viewers were no doubt thinking, who is this guy, anyway? What is he saying? Some news outlets provided an English translation of the words al-Zaidi shouted as he hurled the first shoe – “This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people. You are a dog.” – but few provided a translation of the words he shouted as he threw the second shoe – “This is for the widows and orphans and all those killed in Iraq.” Here’s a little information about him from wikipedia:

[Al-Zaidi] first became internationally known for having been detained by “gangs” in Baghdad in 2007 and was also arrested twice by United States armed forces. He lives within central Baghdad in a furnished two room apartment. “One of his best reports was on Zahra, a young Iraqi school girl killed by the occupation forces while en route to school,” said Ahmed Alaa, a close friend and colleague of Zaidi’s at al-Baghdadia television. Alaa said al-Zaidi documented the tragedy in his reportage, complete with interviews with her family, neighbors and friends. “This report earned him the respect of many Iraqis and won him many hearts in Iraq,” he said.

Wikipedia also has a very good page detailing various reports on the number of Iraqis that have been killed during the occupation.

The BBC has a thorough report on the shoe-throwing incident, and the support it received from many people in Iraq and around the world.

~ by lolarusa on December 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Walk a Mile in His Shoes”

  1. This guy is going to be a total national hero after this, I bet every newspaper in Iraq is going to want to hire him.

  2. I’d wager that Al-Jazeera gets him.

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