Radio Lab: The (Multi)Universe(s)

I listen regularly to podcasts from Radio Lab, a mind-blowing show that discusses cutting-edge science in a way that non-scientists can understand. They’re on hiatus from the fully produced radio show right now, but this week they podcasted co-host Robert Krulwich’s interview with Brian Greene, a mathematician and physicist.

The discussion was about the implications of probability in a scientific concept of the universe. Greene says that if the physical universe is infinite, as many scientists believe, and if we assume that matter everywhere in the universe obeys the known laws of physics, then probability dictates that there are many planets exactly like this planet in every way, and many people exactly like me sitting typing a post exactly as I am doing now, with all the same memories I have, and a husband looking over her shoulder who is exactly like my husband in every way. Of course, there is an even greater probability that there are multiple planets almost like this planet with people almost like us.

All of this is familiar to anyone who remembers Evil Captain Kirk. Robert Krulwich is a genius at getting scientists to explain things in a way that makes sense – not an easy task. He seems to find the concept of multiple identical universses very disturbing, but I think it’s fun to think about.

Give a listen:

or sign up for the podcast on the Radio Lab website.

~ by lolarusa on August 13, 2008.

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