Vote Theft for Idiots

The politicized U.S. Justice Department and the cooperation between Republicans and the media has given much of the American public the impression that voter fraud – the attempt to vote multiple times or vote without a legal right to do so – is a serious problem. It has even led to the passage of new restrictions on voting in several states. But the fact is that in spite of all the investigations and publicity, only a small handful of fraudulent votes have been discovered in recent U.S. elections.

A much larger problem with the electoral system is vote theft – the denial of the franchise to people who have a legal right to vote. Hundreds of thousands of voters have been turned away at the polls in recent elections.

Journalist Greg Palast and cartoonist Ted Rall are publishing a series of comics as a guide to how votes are stolen.

Here’s part one.

See the rest on the Greg Palast web site.

~ by lolarusa on August 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Vote Theft for Idiots”

  1. Not to mention this classical vote theft. :-P

  2. Depressing.

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