Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories

Here are some illustrations from Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories, a collection of moralistic tales for children published in 1964.



More pictures at Looky


~ by lolarusa on July 10, 2008.

8 Responses to “Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories”

  1. As a child I liked the picture of a donkey, but I think I prefer Peter sneaking blackberries now.

  2. hello could you send me all the photos from Wilfred’s secret and Tom’s thoughtlessness? I need the art for my class Much thanks of you can. :)

  3. Hello Alisa,

    I’ve posted the stories here:



  4. These illustrations are wonderful. Would you have access to the story where the little boy in the hospital raises his hand for Jesus to take him? I’d appreciate any info you have on that story.

  5. Brian,

    I think the story you mention must be in another edition. There are several.

  6. Hey thanks for checking — how very nice of you. Well I might find it some day. Funny thing — whenever I mention that story, somebody jumps out of the woodwork and says OMG that story freaked me out as a child!

  7. This is the story about the child who raises his hand:

  8. That’s a creepy Uncle Arthur bedtime story, handsunderthepillow.

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