Last Messages, by Hannu Luntiala

Hannu Luntiala’s Last Messages is the first novel written entirely in the form of cell phone text messages. The story is a mystery of sorts, and the super-concise, fragmentary form of the SMS messages makes it into a puzzle of plot and psychology that is great fun to read.

There is an extensive interview with the author on the Write Now is Good blog (part 1, and part 2).

I translated a sample of the novel, and am shopping it to publishers.

Here is an excerpt from the first section of the book.


~ by lolarusa on June 20, 2008.

8 Responses to “Last Messages, by Hannu Luntiala”

  1. Hi Lola — This is fantastic news. Thanks for the update! I’ll write up a post on my blog and send you the permalink when it’s live.

  2. Thanks for reminding me to get hold of the original. It has been on and off in my mind (which is a mess) and I hence still do not have it. :-P

  3. I suspect you need to be young or have great patience to read this book. I admit I wanted to carry on reading though..

  4. Where i can buy this book English version.

  5. Unfortunately, Last Messages has not yet been translated into English.

  6. I heard of this a few years ago, and came back to see if there was an English translation yet, sadly not?

  7. Hello , ailsa,

    Sadly, not.

  8. Well, even the book is not yet finished. Where is Teemus s grave?…

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