Andre Derain

I love the paintings of Andre Derain, don’t you?

Images courtesy of WriteDesign (which has a good overview of Derain and the other beastly artists of Les Fauves), Area 51, and the National Gallery of Australia

~ by lolarusa on June 5, 2008.

15 Responses to “Andre Derain”

  1. That’s it. We’re just too much alike. We’ll never get along.

  2. It the 1st time, I decover the 2nd and the 3rd painting, I love!

  3. master of colour.

  4. Yes, how luck he abandoned his engineering career.

  5. Yo amo la pintura,Andre Derain me parece un gran artista,sus colores…sus paisajes…

  6. His paintings are so live wire!

  7. creo k el juego de colores es llamativo de cerca no le encuentras forma pero ya observandolo bien ,sus pinturas te hacsn ver mas alla d

  8. Dis is coolz. Wot r the paintins caled THEN?

  9. Hello Nat,

    Move your mouse over the images to see the titles.

    Or should I say moov yer maus over d imijs ta c d titles.

  10. hahahaha lolaruse, lovely reply. i’m researching andre derain’s fauvism paintings for my a level art. i love them/

  11. his pictures suck i have to study him for a project i think he was the worst painter eva hey lol

  12. i love his bright but delicate color, and also his use of detail that lets you use your imagination but at the same time you know what he’s trying to get across

  13. The best of the Fauvists, in my opinion.

  14. this is the most eye catching picture I’ve ever seen

  15. Nice,Superb,Paiterley…..

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