Patented Grass: Ad from 1964 National Geographic

Patented Grass

I wonder if this ad from the September, 1964 issue of National Geographic would be designed a little differently if it were published today. It seems like a catalogue of warning signs for invasiveness: “It grows greener, thicker… Sends out more and sturdier roots. Gets along with less moisture…”

I wonder if the grass that invades my vegetable garden is Scott’s Windsor. Would that patented grass still sounded preposterous.

National Geographic was always advertising innovative products like this super-grass. See previous post for another depressing example.

Click and zoom for a closer look

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~ by lolarusa on March 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Patented Grass: Ad from 1964 National Geographic”

  1. What also dates this is the fact the grabber of this ad is quite commonplace today. Patent grass? How about “click-once,” basmati rice or crustless peanut butter sandwiches? All famous examples.

  2. I think if it were done again today, this ad might be run entirely the same way. I think it’s very funny, mainly because the idea of patented grass certainly is preposterous and by the end of the copy, I checked Google to see if this grass existed. Finding no Wikipedia page (the source of truth and verification on serious matters), I determined, as would my fellow keyboard-mashing devolvees, that there isn’t any Windsor strain at all! My reaction: Scott’s is clever. I like Scott’s. Heck, they’re still selling Turf Builder. Must be some good stuff.
    1964 reaction: Total mindblow man! Man, those guys at Scott’s are some wild, trippy sons of BITCHES man! Far out. Holy man. Hey you got the grass man?
    As far as your lawn goes. Water your gardner, then mix equal parts Turf Builder and Halts in one large bag, shake well, then throw in the garbage. You’re dealing with Windsor. Say goodbye to your veggies.

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