Morna Crites-Moore’s Recycled Sweater Art

Here is some of the lovely art created by Morna Crites-Moore. She makes it out of felted recycled sweaters.

Pastel Petals

Penny Rug

Forget Me Nots


~ by lolarusa on February 21, 2008.

5 Responses to “Morna Crites-Moore’s Recycled Sweater Art”

  1. Pretty.
    What shall I do with my pile of ruined felted sweaters?

  2. Thank you for showing my art on your blog. I think you have a wonderful blog and I am honored to be included. I notice that the link back to me is going to a website page that no longer exists! If you want to visit my website, it is

    And to Jill – Those sweaters aren’t ruined! They’re raw materials!

  3. Thanks, Morna. I’ve updated the link.

  4. Your work is lovely. I teach childre’s art classes and would love to be able to give a class on recycled material, felted sweater, wall hangings.
    Thanks again!

  5. I love your felted sweater art. It reminds me of Kandinsky’s color studies done with paint on canvas! I’ve done things like this with cotton quilting fabrics layered on top of each other and sewn down. This is a great variation that I’d love to try!

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