Pinhole Camera Photos

There’s a flickr group devoted to photos made with pinhole cameras that’s got some interesting stuff in it, including this beautiful shot.

Pinhole street

It also includes a lot of cool stereoscopic photos taken with a kit-built stereo pinhole camera. Honey, where did I put my stereoscope?

Shopping carts

Photos by Stefan Marjoram and Espressobuzz

I got a great tip from commenter Doug Rogers. Cross your eyes and you can see the 3-D image without a stereoscope.


~ by lolarusa on February 15, 2008.

5 Responses to “Pinhole Camera Photos”

  1. If you can cross your eyes and make a third photo appear between the two, you can get the 3d effect. This is different from the distance glaze you need to generate to get the pattern ‘magic 3d’ stuff going.

  2. Doug, you’re a genius. That actually works!

  3. I always thought that the oatmeal container, pinhole cameras my scout troop made, 950, or so, years ago, were kid’s versions of whatever a real pinhole camera was, but I just now looked them up, oatmeal container box pinhole cameras, ARE the real pinhole cameras.
    –Now I feel like making another one.
    Thanks for the great find, for the inspiration, I certainly don’t have enough to do already :)


  4. excellent. i just put together that stereo pinhole camera but i haven’t run any film through it. i’ve never been able to get that cross eyed method to work for me.


    This is cool!

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