Where the Candidates Lie on the Political Spectrum

You’ve probably seen those political compass tests, where you answer a series of questions about your opinions on economics, civil liberties, etc, and you’re placed on a chart representing the spectrum of world political thought. Well, there’s a web site that’s charted the positions of the major candidates for the U.S. presidency, based on their platforms, speeches, and votes. Here’s how it looks:

Presidential candidates

It’s interesting that Edwards and Kucinich, the candidates I most support, are labeled as far-left weirdos in a lot of the U.S. press (particularly Kucinich), when they are in fact centrists if you place them in the larger context of world politics.

You can take the test yourself, too, if you like. Kinda fun.

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~ by lolarusa on November 9, 2007.

3 Responses to “Where the Candidates Lie on the Political Spectrum”

  1. chech out the market share each candidate holds at http://www.spartaninternet.com/2008

  2. Sorry, overall its an extremely flawed placement.

  3. What do you see as the flaws?

    The Left/Right axis is economic, the Authoritarian/Libertarian axis is, perhaps, self-explanatory.

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