Clothes that Look Like Food

I’m a big fan of What Not to Knit and What Not to Crochet, two online compendiums of misguided craft projects. I wonder what they would think of this crafty item, found via Grow a Brain. I think it’s terrific.

Hamburger dress

The creator, Joy Kampia, also creates non-wearable food as art, such as this cafeteria salad.

Crocheted salad

There are more crocheted food pictures on the Joy Kampia web site.


~ by lolarusa on October 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “Clothes that Look Like Food”

  1. “Pardon, Miss, your cheese is slipping.”

  2. I love the hamburger dress is it for sale?

  3. Hello Alex Smith,

    It seems you can purchase Joy Kampia’s creations from her website, linked above.


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