Vintage Knits: 1939 Men’s Zippered Jacket

Here’s a good-looking men’s jacket from the Lux 1939 Knitting Book, published by Lux soap.

Men’s zippered jacket

Click and zoom for the complete pattern:

Men’s zippered jacket pattern 1Men’s zippered jacket pattern 1
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~ by lolarusa on September 23, 2007.

2 Responses to “Vintage Knits: 1939 Men’s Zippered Jacket”

  1. hi, Thank you for sharing this pattern on The Vintage Pattern Files. I have been working on this and noticed on page 2 first column under TO MAKE PATTERN – row 3 it mas M. with a note to see (Page 61). The problem is I dont understand what the Abbreviation is for. and Page 61 is not incluced. Thanks so muchf for you help

  2. Hello Sharon! “M. 1” means “make one”, in other words add one stitch. The reference to page 61 is to the instructions for how to “make one”, but any method for increasing that you prefer will work.

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