Shady Grove

Jean Ritchie sings Shady Grove

There are so many reasons that I was excited to find this video. I love this song–my whole family loves this song. Jean Ritchie is a mysterious, intriguing person. And Pete Seeger sitting quietly by, just listening–the whole thing is just fascinating to me. It’s from Pete’s little television show, Rainbow Quest, which I see is now available on dvd. I’ve watched a few episodes on old videotapes borrowed from the library. The show was resolutely amateurish, as a matter of principle, it seems when you watch it. The idea seems to be that we’re not here to dazzle you, we’re here to sing some simple tunes that speak for themselves. And they do.

More folk music

~ by lolarusa on January 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “Shady Grove”

  1. Just between you and me I’m an old folkie. I used to play guitar and wail along in a weak, high-pitched voice. If I had a turntable I might throw a Weaver’s record on right now.

  2. You’re a gal after my own heart. I idolize the Weavers. Did you ever see that documentary about their come-back concert?

  3. I did indeed!

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