Little Nemo in Slumberland

Nemo’s bed

Windsor McCay was the creator of the imaginative and beautiful Little Nemo in Slumberland newspaper comics, which appeared in the New York Herald from 1905 to 1911, and in the Hearst chain of papers
from 1911 to 1914. Each strip featured Nemo’s adventures in his fantastic dreamland, and every strip ended with Nemo waking up. The strips are wondrously beautiful in their use of line and perspective, and their imaginative situations are fascinating. The most well-known is probably this strip, in which Nemo’s bed grows legs and walks. But there are dozens that are just as interesting, and here’s the good news — all of the strips have been in the public domain since January 2005.

By the way, McCay’s Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend is also a very good comic, though not as ambitious artistically. McCay was a pioneer of film animation, and his short film based on the Rarebit Fiend comic is very entertaining.

He was also a pioneer of cross-marketing. A lot of Little Nemo products were marketed at the time that the strip was being published. But the strip itself wasn’t overwhelmingly successful at the time of its publication, which is a little surprising. It may have to do with the fact that people don’t generally feel like poring over their morning paper and examining its every charming detail, which is the kind of viewing of Little Nemo that is most rewarding. For a nice close look at the comic below, click to the file and zoom in.

Nemo on stilts

More comics

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7 Responses to “Little Nemo in Slumberland”

  1. Your site is a smorgasbord. I haven’t figured out quite how to cetegorize the cuisine, but everything is so tasty! I come back often, expecting fresh ingredients and charming menu descriptions. Yum.

  2. The Italian filmmaker Federico Fellino said that Little Nemo was one of his biggest inspirations during his formative years (and beyond). I’m pretty sure I’m remembering this correctly– The little boy at the beginning of iClownes was a direct homage to Little Nemo. Anyway, Fellini put a lot of importance in his dreams and would wake at night to draw them before going back to sleep. I had read quotes from Fellini talking about Little Nemo, but hadn’t seen the strip until a few years after seeing most of Fellini’s films. When I finally got my hands on a large edition of the strips, the connections were obvious. The strips were awesome. Strange that something so timeless hasn’t really found a niche in today’s culture. A film trilogy deal has to be signed! :)

  3. I have been looking everywhere for Flip’s Theme Song for Little Nemo , for a download on my computer and I just cant find one Little nemo I watch faithfully when I was little I must have seen it millions of times… if you have a idea how I could find the song or if you have a link please send a me a email.

  4. I just stumbled on this book att he library recently and now i love it! Is this a very popular thing b/c I have never heard of Little Nemo before….?

  5. Little Nemo. I love it…
    Old Time Radio

  6. If anyone feels compelled to put downloads of the Little Nemo movie made back in 1992, from the songs, please do so. Thanks.

  7. I’ve been a fan of Nemo for many years. Thanks for this!

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