Bring Em Home

In a recent interview on Media Matters with Bob McChesney, Noam Chomsky gave an interesting description of the differences and similarities between the Vietnam War and the War in Iraq. He emphasized that the strategic thinking behind the invasion of Vietnam was very different than the motivations for invading Iraq.

One thing that is similar, though, is the American experience of the two conflicts, in particular the media’s focus on how well the war is going, while the public continues to question whether it should “go” at all. The similarity of the American experience of these two wars gives footage like this video of Pete Seeger, made more than 30 years ago, an amazing timeliness.

Contemporary discussion of public opposition to the Vietnam War overwhelmingly emphasizes criticisms of how the war was handled, forgetting that among the general public there were also many who passionately believed that the war was not just impractical; it was wrong, immoral, evil. The same kind of oversimplification and misinterpretation of public sentiment can be seen today in the media’s discussion of public opposition to the War in Iraq.

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~ by lolarusa on December 11, 2006.

One Response to “Bring Em Home”

  1. We should bring them home. But, the United States has de-stabilized Iraq. How do we get out without leaving those people to the mercy of the strongest groups remaining? The irresponsibility of starting it without an ‘exit strategy’ only makes me so sad.

    Thanks for posting this video.

    Ramona in Tokyo.

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